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Sunshine Saves Inc. is led by Xavier Veille who has been the owner of a solar installation company for over a decade which he recently sold. He brings a one of kind experience to the sales process since he has worn every hat in the industry. Sunshine Saves Inc. is dedicated to ensuring our customers see savings from the sunshine with solar energy!

We take all factors into account when examining your home or place of business to calculate an accurate monthly and annual production from the solar system. We look at 12 to 24 months of consumption history and design the system size accordingly.


While reviewing a roof, we consider important factors like azimuth and pitch of the roof surface that can affect production. Another factor to consider is the tree coverage surrounding the proposed design and allow you to bundle tree trimming or removal as part of your quote!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can solar offset 100% of my electric bill?
    In the right circumstances regarding sun exposure, roof space, and utility program, yes, you can achieve a 100% offset in your bill. In most cases, there will still be the standard monthly meter charge from the utility prodiver to your home or business.
  • How do I determine how many solar panels I need for my home or business?
    When calculating how many solar panels you need for your home or business, we look at your annual consumption in kWhs and the total sun hours the system will get on an average day throughout the year. This total kWhs / a number between 1.32 - 1.55 which is determine by total sun hours and can vary = total kW required while each panel is anywhere between 350 - 400+ Watts. For example: A home that uses 20,000 kWhs each year and has a great southern facing roof with no obstructions, 20,000 kWhs / 1.55 = 12,903 W or 12.9 kW system. 12903W / 360W (solar panel) = 35.84 panels
  • What type of incentives are available for solar energy?
    There is currently a 26% federal tax incentive available until the end of 2022 then it will drop to 22% in 2023, and 10% in 2024. There are also sometimes state and utility incentives available depending on where you live. Contact us for more information!
  • Will I have power when the grid is down if I have solar energy?
    A grid tied system will not produce any energy when the grid is down, but if you add batteries to your system, you will now be able to use your solar power during a power outage. Contact us for more information!
  • Does solar work during a cloudy day?
    Solar will still produce energy during a cloudy day, but the output will be anywhere between 10% - 30% depending on cloud coverage. Our software takes into account 30 years of farmers almanac data to estimate the annual production of the solar array.
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